Quiet in the library!

So, after a couple of versioning issues earlier this week we’ve gotten the latest build uploaded and back on track — for real! Excuse the little non-crash weirdnesses here and there: we’ve got some placeholder art for a couple of the icons that we want to bring in for status effects and the god boon stuff which is all being polished and readied for eventual codexification.

If anyone’s veteran thumbs are at risk of falling off due to over-twiddling, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve adjusted the Demonic Library! Note the word “adjusted” being used instead of “nerfed”, though we think the changes will probably make it more conquerable or interesting anyway. If you were concerned about the scenario before, go ahead and give the new one a try while we fill in all these ipsum lorem blanks in various bits of background text …

Behind the scenes, we just finished the final touches on a layerset editor for the revised Kingdom and have been in contact with Unity about some of the recent Desktop Dungeons web build issues. Still holding thumbs for a resolution soon. Changelog follows:


  • Wraiths in Cursed Oasis no longer life steal when switching to the curse realm.
  • Saving should no longer prevent tooltips from displaying.
  • God boon effects more informative.
  • Early-game unlocks slightly less clustered.
  • Demonic Library ADJUSTED!
  • Puzzle tweaks, added hint sign to Gnome 3.
  • Added Wall Cruncher to Rogue Bronze.
  • Overheal can carry through levelups.
  • Players are no longer able to retaliate one final hit as they die.
  • Phantom inventory popups for removed items no longer happen.