Puzzling and half-hearted

Okay, so we’ve finally cracked open the puzzle box and started work on one or two challenge packs related to the more balanced and stable game features out there. Only a few exist right now, with some juicy item rewards (or re-awards, depending on whether you’re an old/new player) to duly promote their completion.

We’ve cleaned up a few recent problems with the new way of handling quests and progression, and thank those poor, poor people who reported horrific stuff happening at really awkward points in the game that we didn’t think to investigate — you’ve saved us some long-term embarrassment in the eyes of quieter players out there.

In return, we’ve lowered orc conversion slightly, tweaked BLUDTUPOWA once again and taken a stab at making the Crusader class feel a little more powerful. Other somewhat important balance changes have been made, and they’re all listed below. Go for it!

Stuff from the hotfix and additional work done this week have hopefully rolled together to present you with a less crash-smashy game system this time! Say goodbye to bugs and hello to content improvement with the following changelog:

Current Fixes:

  • Fixed crash when selecting a quest that called for a locked/unavailable class.
  • Changed quest interaction to only allow selection when required classes/races are unlocked.
  • Fixed bug in bazaar/bank quest tree.
  • Changed Orc conversion threshold to 90.
  • Bludtopowa health loss per reveal lowered.
  • Conversion seal removed from Alchemist.
  • Transmutation seal now provides bonus conversion percentage equal to the conversion amount of the transmuted item.
  • Transmuting a wall gives more gold than it used to.
  • Translocating an item halves its conversion value.
  • Vampire enemies now do physical damage.
  • Alchemist’s Scroll short text changed to accurately reflect +8 hp.
  • Rock Heart restores less mana, but gives health as well.
  • Crusader momentum cap removed. Leveling up halves damage bonus.
  • Added waiting panel when retrieving profile list.
  • DING! Max badge notification no longer appears on level ups beyond level 10.
  • Fixed issue with boss trophy light column showing in subdungeons.
  • Rock garden / Binlor combo problem should be resolved.
  • Fixed damage irregularity from knocking a near-dead enemy into another creature.
  • Puzzle stuff, old and new.
  • Viper Ward and Soul Orb now accessible as puzzle pack rewards.
  • Premature Paladin challenge fixed.
  • Significantly increased performance when mousing over enemies with many ‘ticks’ on their health bars.