Puzzle Trimming

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the difficulty of the puzzles, and we kinda saw the point of that this week when we went back to them after a good long while and … uh … took ages to figure them out. As it happens, forgetting how to solve your own challenges is a really helpful tool in assessing their difficulty first-hand.

The tweaks are subtle where possible, making the puzzle experience a little more linear and providing players with a slightly less overwhelming array of options: a few well-placed walls, some new monster resistance values — that sorta thing.

With regards to the continued Chrome issues: we’ve done our best to lower the resource load that the game may be having on the browser, but we’re still looking for an overarching solution to the problem. If you’re experiencing trouble with Desktop Dungeons right now (graphical glitches, load failures, screen erupting in a fountain of blood), please try switching to another browser for now: it tends to make a lot of issues go away for the time being.

And if you’re still having trouble across browsers, be sure to let us know about it.

We threw one or two little balance things into the mix this time around, just to see what would happen. The rest of it is still behind closed doors. Ominous, barred doors made of obsidian and leaking demon ichor. Or something. Changelog follows:


  • Encouragement stats no longer tracked in puzzle dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug where death panel button could be clicked while other obscuring panels were still visible.
  • Broad puzzle tweaks, generally easier. Halfling/gnome and most gods.
  • Binlor / Mystera cannot reduce resistances that start on 100%.
  • Refreshment half as effective while not worshipping Mystera.
  • Jadetooth now spawns on a random clear tile (instead of a dungeon sign).
  • Fixed edge case of GETINDARE’s dodge effect screwing with combat prediction on puzzles.
  • RBS now pierces 35% physical resistance.
  • Rogue description reworded.
  • Font caching implemented.
  • Texture memory churn cut down in certain text-heavy situations.