Pactmaker version two!

Our Kingdom scholars have a rather embarrassing confession to make: until now, all inscriptions related to the newly-discovered (and somewhat enigmatic) Pactmaker have been read back to front, resulting in some very awkward agreements made by a bunch of adventurers who really didn’t know any better. This recent discovery has had a major impact on the way that we’ll be treating this deity from now on — and just about every other god, as it turns out.

Our condolences go out to all the brave warriors who are now inexplicably missing bits of their souls due to various supernatural misunderstandings, but we guess these sort of things happen from time to time.

Of more material interest, however, are the fantastic treasure vaults, secret groves and hidden monster dens that particularly determined explorers have been discovering lately — though how they know where to find them is a mystery. Those few lucky adventurers who have been let in on the secret can easily crack this code, but they guard their knowledge jealously. The rest of us just have to figure this out for ourselves …

This patch contains a bunch of the usual interface tweaks, bug fixes and balance efforts for tightening up the game experience, but veterans will notice a rather significant shift in the deity system — for better or worse? Well, we’re not quite sure yet. Changelog follows:


  • Fixed compression falsely triggering handlers listening for items exiting the inventory, compressed Tri-Sword now works, plus compressed locker items don’t need to be restored (but don’t stay small either).
  • Fixed crash caused by Alchemist items not correctly refreshing the panel stack.
  • Final Bazaar and Bank Quests now will only trigger once the appropriate dungeons have been unlocked.
  • Added more guarding to menu and popup clicks, the game area shouldn’t receive mouse-up events from altar popups and the like anymore.
  • Fixed issue with event ordering on confirmation dialog popups.
  • Upped piety preparation to 25 piety.
  • Gods rebalanced.
  • 5 boons per diety instead of 6.
  • New subdungeons added.
  • Transmutation seals now work on walls as well.