Here’s a little secret: if you ever want some totally sweet art for your blog updates, first threaten to apply your own laughable art skills to said updates. Then proceed to carry out this threat until your artist finally caves in and sends you something better instead.

So, those of you who have been following in recent weeks can probably tell from the heading and picture that this week’s God Puzzle venerates the beloved Earthmother, patron deity of Nature and Not-Plant-Hurting. We’ve tried to take it easy on the difficulty of this one and emphasise tutorial values a little more, so we’ll see how that goes.

*Two* glyph have received a little more love this version. One is just some tweaking on the new BLUDTUPOWA (nothing too radical, we’re glad that people seem to be liking it) and the other is an impact on the well-established fireball Burning effect. Whurrgarbl fans, take note!

A couple of important changes this week. And yeah, sorry, we’ve definitely fixed some of those reported crashes. Some unreported ones, too! Then, of course, there’s the usual complement of dungeon adjustments — some are more difficult, some are easier … and others are a bit of both. Check the changelog for more details:


  • Fixed rare edge case where the Earthmother’s boons could freeze the game.
  • Another potential Northern subdungeon crash bug fixed.
  • Cursed Oasis tweaked to make the curse realm less sparse.
  • BLUDTUPOWA seeking made dumb.
  • BLUDTUPOWA no longer gives the Transmuter extra Conversion.
  • BLUDTOPOWA use is now properly punished by Taurog and Glowing Guardian.
  • Menu clicks no longer cause in-game clicks.
  • Fixed APHEELSIK crash
  • Earthmother puzzle pack added
  • Glowing Guardian puzzle 3 adjusted
  • Dracul’s piety return on Sanguine now scales with boon level
  • Curse stack added to Blood Swell
  • Patches the Teddy now describes last applied effects
  • Bloody Sigil boosts regeneration
  • Maintaining/rebuying locker items is mostly cheaper now
  • Cleansing damage type now recognised by Specialist badge
  • Wicked Guitar description slightly less ambiguous
  • Minor tweaks to some boss descriptions
  • Burning status slows regeneration slightly
  • Gold Assassin boss now undead 50% of the time
  • Matron of Flame given Fireball Retaliation
  • Bloodmage Silver allows Blacksmith preps, and plant spawning is more merciful
  • Rogue Silver rebalanced more in favour of grabbing Midas Plate
  • Mana Burn removed from Bleaty in Warlord Gold
  • Lore subdungeons elaborated in the East, created in the South