One for the beginners

As we get various aspects of the game straightened out and finalised, our attention is drawn back to the humble building blocks of the player experience: tutorials. We’re a little tired of those embarrassing Let’s Play videos breaking down and getting confused in all the wrong places, so for the sake (and sanity) of future video bloggers we’ve resumed work on streamlining early game progression. In fact, we’ve got a newer and more open tutorial available to let the smarter cookies out there get into the game a lil’ bit faster.

The class challenges have also been transforming and filling out. Silver and gold challenges are fully populated now, and some of the older ones have been rebalanced and adjusted to suit the new system. Item rewards have also been finalised, and any loot that’s still “orphaned” by the new quest system will show up in puzzle rewards soon enough.

And yeah, for the billionth time: those puzzles are indeed coming! In fact, they shouldn’t be terribly far off now. We hope. We’ll see soon.

There’s one or two other little things this week that needed changing (yeah, platemail is fixed!), and a few of them will hopefully clamp down on some sorely long-term oddities that have been plaguing us. Changelog ahoy:

Current Fixes:

  • Platemail adding double damage resist fixed.
  • Rogue silver trophy dropping fixed.
  • Item generation overlapping should be fixed once and for all. Possibly.
  • Bloodmage / sorcerer /assassin challenges adjusted
  • Remaining silver / gold challenges added
  • Bludtopowa synergy with Life Steal mana reward rounding made less punitive.
  • Vampire tweaked. Again.
  • New Tutorial added with less focus on text.