OMG Vampires <3

There once was a player on Twitter
Who suggested our vampires should glitter
We thought it was fun
To head a blog post with one
When we announced the new playable critter

There was also considerable dismay
About a bonus class missing from play
So we’re adding the Tinker
Let’s hope: not a stinker!
Go enjoy your new content today!

Oh wow, those limericks were awful. Never again. Anyways, playable vamps and tinkers are here now. Full changelog follows:


  • Added Tinker
  • Added support for Monster Classes
  • Added playable Vampire
  • Added Vampire Quests
  • Wicked Guitar no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed comparison when saving games in web-player
  • Secret passage spawn rules changed
  • Blacksmith description fixed
  • Miser badge no longer awarded before shops exist
  • Dracul’s level boost now counted for max level accolade
  • Class completion images in dungeon info panel added for all existing classes
  • Fixed crash to do with health bars when killing changelings