Okay, take this!

Somewhere in the great northern desert, the imposing, multi-layered Tower of Gaan-Telet looms over a sea of bleached bones and annoyed-looking hero corpses. Even in the halcyon days of the now-fallen desert empire, little was known about the origins of this structure. Ancient scripts suggests that its name roughly translates to “thing that defies and irritates”, but other interpretations suggest a far simpler “hahaha, no”.

Heroes wishing to take on this challenge had best beware — the extreme danger of the tower is complemented by a rather significant upheaval in the Kingdom stock supply system. Inventory changes are to be expected across the board for better and worse. And the gods, as fickle as ever, have also planned a few divine revisions.

This week’s update comes with a super-challenging dungeon in the North (please don’t defeat it instantly), a whole slew of balancing things and — hooray! — continued worked on the interface and dungeon preparation stuff. Full changelog ahoy:


  • Earthmother punishes destruction of any plant life
  • Race unlock quests fixed to work with speech bubbles
  • Poison changed back to absolute. Monsters no longer regenerate at all while poisoned
  • APHEELSIK Glyph mana cost changed back to 7
  • Venom blade changed to only poison an enemy the first time it is hit
  • Trisword changed: + 3 base damage whenever a health potion is quaffed
  • Whurrgarbl changed: +5% bonus damage whenever a mana potion is quaffed
  • Ring of the Battlemage changed: +1 fireball damage per level
  • Witchalock Pendant changed: made into a small item
  • Perseverance Badge changed: +10% bonus damage, small item
  • Dragon Shield changed: +18% physical and magical resist
  • Piercing Wand changed: lowers enemy magic resist by 3% per fireball, increases fireball cost by 1 mana
  • Viper Ward changed: made into small item
  • Soul Orb changed: made into small item
  • Namtar’s Ward changed: uses a charge to grant death protection, at the cost of -2 max mana, charges on level up
  • Near-impossible Oasis map generation should be less likely
  • Oasis and Shifting Sands tile-application issues fixed, should be a lot faster now.
  • Deprecated old methods of managing tile changes in dungeons.
  • Players can no longer change race/class on dungeons that force race/class
  • Stopped Setup overlay from appearing over dungeon info when a dungeon is selected.
  • Cancel / Back to Kingdom buttons during setup now also clear dungeon, race and class choice.
  • Gods adjusted: Earthmother, Binlor, Glowing Guardian and Dracul
  • Preparations cannot be bought during setup, only during building management.
  • Last Run button added. This sets up the same Dungeon, Race and Class as the previous run.
  • Impossibly difficult dungeon added. Good luck.