Off to GDC


Hail, fair Desktop Dungeons supporters! Today, QCF is flying from sunny South Africa all the way over to GDC 2013 in the glorious urban utopia of San Francisco, to frolick amidst like-minded professionals and play Game Developer Katamari with as many quirky industry types as possible.

This means that today’s release is a little earlier than usual (yay!) and consists mostly of tweaks and interface adjustments and miscellaneous changes (not quite so yay, but still kinda important).

For the majority of the conference, your best bet on keeping touch with QCF is via the twitter accounts @dislekcia and @aequitasZA , where a whole manner of GDC adventures will be recorded in 140-character form. And in case folks are sad about the disruption to our regular broadcast, we have something special planned for the coming week.

It’s short and sweet this week, there’s a plane to catch! We’ll see you on the other side. And in the meantime, cuddle up with this changelog and give it a good read:


  • Race / Class sorted panels now block races/classes for the selected quest.
  • Dragon Shield and Namtar’s Ward sprites updated.
  • Problematic solutions in Glyph Academy puzzles fixed.
  • BURNDAYRAZ problems fixed in Glyph tutorial.
  • “H” no longer shows up in puzzles.
  • Health, mana and experience prediction interface tweaked slightly. Overheal represented more clearly.
  • Accounts with no profiles are now taken straight to the profile menu, instead of seeing an error message.
  • Fixed a bug where the initial guild was not clickable (even while glowing)
  • Set Trophy sale toasts to not appear until taxidermist is available.
  • Revenant mouse-over prediction in Hexx fixed.
  • Fixed toasts overlapping.
  • Class challenges won’t unlock before tutorials are complete
  • Unlocking challenge items before shops / locker will give the player a message
  • All tilesets now have double-sized elements