Now with extra sprinkles

As we continue making interface adjustments, we bring our attention to particular areas of player understanding, such as the under-used Taxidermist and improved building labels. As far as the former is concerned, we’re rather aware of the gap in usefulness and eventually want to give it more “mechanical” importance in the game … though a lot of that will be tied in with the evolution of our building interface.

We’ve also been working on more content-based player guides such as the new Glyph Academy puzzle pack, which has six puzzles so far exploring the quirkier rules and situations that come with three popular glyphs. Eventually, we hope that these will serve as a more gracious bridge from complete newbiedom to more intermediate (and perhaps rather advanced) methods of play.

We keep this blog post brief: aside from the interface and content buffs this week, we’ve also taken the time out to smash a few more bugs. ‘Nuff said! Changelog follows for details:


  • Added animation to god altar sparkles.
  • Added labels to all buildings when clicking in empty space in the kingdom.
  • Added trophy sold toasts, and taxidermist auto-opening on new trophies.
  • Backpack items are now restricted when locker items are restricted.
  • Patches no longer transfers effects when restarting.
  • Wicked Guitar no longer removes effect icons on enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where some items could not be reclaimed.
  • Fixed a bug where PQI could do dungeon pick before runs had been loaded.
  • Added double-size sprite for Changeling Essence.
  • Zombies in Dracul Puzzle 3 replaced with Vampires
  • Added Glyph Academy puzzle pack
  • Fighter XP requirements corrected after Blood Curse
  • Added double-size Changeling Essence images.
  • Dungeon tilesets with double-size elements are now possible, slowly updating them.