Next Click: DEATH


Yerp, it’s an update!

While we work on getting Desktop Dungeons moved to mobile platforms and the like, we’ve been paying some attention to control schemes and selection-related weirdnesses. The bugfixes that come with this patch mostly concern themselves with some of the stranger cases that have cropped up, as well as more common interface problems associated with particular playstyles.

One of the additions we’ve made is the option to switch the default behaviours of the left and right mouse buttons on enemies, meaning that cautious players can opt to have their default movement button select an enemy instead of attacking it, while those more comfortable with classic DD controls can stay just as they are. Such grand choice and agency!

We hope that trackpad users and single-button Mac players in particular will benefit from this change, offering them unprecedented levels of … mouse flexibility? We don’t really know how to dress that up grandly, but it’s a good thing. Now for a quick changelog:


  • Fixed description of boss defeat in Triple 2-2.
  • Whupaz now operates off current health, and triggers berserk thresholds
  • Pactmaker god panel no longer accessible during scripted unlock
  • Music fixed in Sorcerer Gold
  • Command+click for single-button Mac users now works properly as a substitute for right clicking
  • Steam overlay popup position changed
  • Added toggle option to switch left/right clicking behaviour in combat
  • Enemies should no longer leave indicators behind when they move away from concealed tile spaces
  • Erased movement conflict when using drag selection combined with right-click selection
  • Selection box should follow moving enemies reliably now