New beta update: curious things are afoot

Greetings, noble Kingdom Administrator! It’s an interesting time in the life of our ever-growing realm. Travellers regularly stop by the local tavern to regale stories of fabulous treasures hidden around the capital. Adventurers of all kinds are working themselves into a frenzy seeking out powerful artifacts such as the epic Tri-Sword, the berserker blade Whurrgarbl and the legendary Gloves of Midas.

Paladins from the Ministry of Omnipotent Affairs have also begun sensing a dark and disturbing presence growing in the east. The Ministry’s oracles cannot divine its source, but our network of rogue spies has noted an increase in activity — and excitement — among the nation’s reclusive bloodmage scholars …

So here’s a new patch for y’all, fixing some crash and interface issues while giving a small content boost to alleviate general merciless-ness! Full changelog follows:

Current Fixes:

  • Made Enter key work like Spacebar for panel interactions
  • Random dungeon pool now enabled with sample dungeons
  • Dungeons may now require particular race / class selections
  • Added additional easy quests
  • Gateway dungeons made easier
  • Dungeons now have visible difficulty ratings
  • Locker items highlighted in green
  • Cowardly enemies no longer retreat if already dead
  • Creeplight goat crash fixed
  • Passable+Flyable tiles are now correctly applied, meaning bridges are now visible
  • Empty locker slots now provide meaningful mouseover text
  • Dungeon shops won’t stock equipped locker items
  • Certain subdungeons far more likely to spawn
  • Wall Cruncher use no longer crashes the game
  • Mystera’s Mana Leak is now single-use and inflicts mana burn
  • Experience prediction might just work now
  • Gold pickup sound effects added