New-Age Combat


Welcome to the modern era of gaming! In a supreme flush of forward thinking and divinely-inspired game dev smarts, we’ve implemented an alternative UI for enemy engagement, giving players the option to select a foe and kill it with the help of a quick options menu instead of the classic DD fighting style. Great for mouse users and surprise-click death victims!

The old Kingdom continues to be erased in favour of newer, more accessible interface panels. Information now flows throughout the screen like a unique solid/liquid hybrid of manna and ambrosia. Word has it that next week we’ll be seeing the final round of art for Kingdom buildings, too. Hooray!

This week’s blog post is short and sweet, as we continue to focus on interface changes and improvements. We’ve struck at one or two bugs where possible (including that pesky Gaan-Telet dungeon generation error), so check the changelog for details:


  • Added default backing panel with kingdom information.
  • moved profile change and kingdom gold to default panel.
  • Added optional active quest field to Adventuring Permit.
  • Added dungeon/quest previews when mousing over buttons in Adventuring Permit.
  • Boss information hidden for vicious dungeons, and Gaan-Telet.
  • Added a strike pip to show when enemies get an attack in between player hits (e.g knockback).
  • Migrated god panel to paper look and feel.
  • Going to map screen when a dungeon is selected should now show it as selected.
  • Contiguous terrain checker added to several dungeon generators
  • Added option to select new combat UI from game menu
  • Bug with very long Enemy effect lists being recalculated no longer leaves empty spaces