Monk(y) Island

Brace yourself for a long weekend of dungeoneering — we’re releasing this update a little early due to the Easter public holiday. No fears, though: we’ve actually nailed a fair bit of stuff this time around even without the extra day of work, so hopefully this version will bring some welcome news to all kinds of players.

First, to everyone: work continues on the interface. Not just with art — we’re talking about organisation and clarity stuff too, like quest previews and Kingdom navigation stuff here and there. Concerns are being picked up and addressed as we see them, and bug reports are appreciated as it’s becoming very difficult to test everything at once, particularly with quest-related issues.

Beginners: there’s been a lot of adjustments made to the Bronze class challenges (found in the Kingdom’s appropriate class buildings) and a few new ones added for a bit of fun and extra gold. They’re generally not obscenely challenging and we’ve done our best to make them a little more fun, interesting and focused than the previous ones (except for the ever-popular Berserker one, that’s pretty much just stayed the same). Oh, and they’re actually completeable / replayable now. So give ’em a whirl!

Intermediate players: we’ve spent a bit of this week polishing the way that dungeons treat items, terrain and enemy generation. The effects of this are often subtle, but in the long term you’ll hopefully be aware of interesting situations trending more often. It’s hard to say whether this will make things easier or more difficult (depending on your current playstyle), but it should offer more rewarding decision-making either way.

And to the vets: yep, we’ve readjusted the bonus experience curve! It’s not quite back to the old one, but we decided that we didn’t want to undercut one-level-higher kills too much (for the people interested in the math, our formula has +2 instead of +1 now). We’ve also fixed the burning rules to bring fireballs a little more back in line with the character’s own level — you know, just to avoid COMPLETE ridiculousness.

If y’all are also getting yourselves a long weekend right now — enjoy! Signing out for now, so here’s this week’s changelog:


  • Fixed bug that caused mana potions and cydstep to stop working.
  • Re-worked Bloodmage mana potion use to not break everything else…
  • Dungeon, enemy and glyph generation rules tweaked.
  • Enemy health tends to be less exaggerated.
  • Wonafyt will prioritise summoning non-slowed monsters.
  • Fixed bug that could cause huge damage bonus stacks on the Crusader.
  • Class challenges replayable after defeating them.
  • Burning capped to character level, not enemy level.
  • Western Jungle map changed.
  • Only one potion per type can now be purchased.
  • Bonus experience curve increased ever so slightly.
  • Fortitude and Burn Salve potions no longer have limits on how many debuffs they remove.
  • Quest information panels upgraded to show quest details using icons.
  • Active quest now prohibits class choices that have already completed the quest.
  • Some dungeons force quest selection (e.g Gaan-Telet forces quest, thus disabling prep selection).
  • Poison glyph now previews mana cost correctly.
  • Chaos Avatar boon now provides post-lvl-10 level event bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some class challenges from completing.
  • Deprecated quest flags removed.
  • Several bronze class challenges added / tweaked