Map Tease

2013-08-23blogImageIn our everlasting Quest for Pretty, we’ve continued improving the flow and animation of early game progression. Sit back and marvel as the Kingdom animates and builds upon itself using the architecturally-patented Smoke And Nonsense Effect.

The image you see accompanying this blog post is sadly not in the game yet. But it is the game your game could look like.

One day.


Yep, that’s right, our crosshairs are set on the map screen up next, and we want it to be bee-yoo-ti-ful by the end of the whole process (click on the image for a larger size of the current draft). We’re also sprucing up seemingly unimportant stuff like the profile switching panels, the typeface and size on toast announcements, and a bunch of other little things which do their bit to improve the player’s suspension of disbelief. Soon, there won’t be any loose ends left at all.

Aside from cosmetic and interface issues, we’ve also tackled one or two bugs (those have finally been getting rarer). Then there’s smoothing out the questline in the Goat Glade (the first one is much easier and more stable than it was a few weeks ago). You should check the changelog for other bits ‘n bobs, you know?


  • Added sequencing queue to early game tutorial events.
  • Changes to early game tutorial content.
  • Replaced many text buttons ingame with paper text buttons.
  • Replaced many older style panels with paper panels/speech bubbles.
  • Fixed a bug where PQI would send players to tutorial 4.
  • Fixed a bug where applying poison to an already poisoned enemy would not play the poison sound.
  • Fixed a bug in score screen where a gold value could be negative.
  • Changed the panel order on Goat Glade to stop some odd looking panel shuffling.
  • Updated sliders/scrollbars with new graphics. Implemented dragable scrollbars.
  • Fixed bug with JJ deaths related to hit order in Spider Script 3
  • Spider Script 2 druids now move out of the way and don’t drop wall crushers
  • Converting between gods ignores Indulgence
  • Added building destruction and addition animations
  • Optimised particle systems slightly