Love Letters

As most of you know by now, Desktop Dungeons was made free-to-play for the week of GDC … and (baring some early e-mail snafus) it was a huge success. Over 3500 free accounts were created during the free period, and over 100000 dungeons were raided, assaulted and looted. Far more that we ever anticipated.

We were so pleased with the response, that we spent almost 10 full minutes crafting a humorous “break up” letter, to let all the free account holders know that the free-to-play period was coming to an end. This is what we ended up with:

Desktop Dungeons, we need to talk.

We don’t really know how to say this, but we might not be able to see
each other anymore. It’s not you. It’s us. GDC is always a crazy time
and we may have done some crazy things. But we’ve had a good time
together and that means something to us: We’re not going throw your
stuff out onto the street, or get all jealous when you play other
games. Our pre-order page will be there, and after that you’ll be able
to find Desktop Dungeons on Steam – patiently waiting for you to come
home and put a ring on it.

Pre-Order Desktop Dungeons for $10 (or $20 for the Special Edition if
you’re feeling up to a real commitment) here:

Re-live the good times with the Desktop Dungeons alpha, you’ll always
have that part of our heart:

Thanks for playing Desktop Dungeons and we hope you had as great a
time as we did. Seriously, we love you.

-QCF Design

P.S. We’re not some crazy stalker that will send you millions and
millions of emails. We’re classier than that.

We thought that would be the end of it. Send off a few thousand of these e-mails, and maybe some people would pre-order, having gotten hopelessly addicted during the free period.

But we were wrong.

As it so often does, the Desktop Dungeons community surprised us with a few great response e-mails that really made us laugh, and one that made us a little sad.

So, for your consideration, presented with full names removed for privacy, the community’s responses:

We both did crazy things. It is big of you to come out and take all the responsibility but I can’t help but feel some of this was my fault too.

You are right, it is me. I feel like if you give me another chance I can change, I can be a better man. Lets be honest with each other I was freeloading and I took you for granted. I was there for the good times and maybe not so much for the bad.

How about I unpack my stuff and we give it another go baby.

$10 sent, love you!

Dear QCF Sales Depot,

I don’t understand what I could have done to drive you away. I understand that GDC is a crazy time, and I don’t care what you did. I am willing to forgive and forget.

Apparently things got so crazy at GDC that you blacked out. Please allow me to refresh your memory. I pre-ordered the special edition on March 7th. Here is the evidence:

Registered email address: removed
Your Receipt Number: removed

See, everything is fine. So what do you say, should we forget this ever happened and start over again? I’m ready to try if you are.


I doubt anyone will read this, but since you sent me this email, I figured I would take the chance that a reply might get through.

I regret that at no time was I ever under the impression that I could afford to buy your game. It’s not the game, which I really like, it’s me. I am disabled but unable to convince the SSA of that fact. I have no income. At all.

I was glad that you offered the free Beta trial. I enjoyed playing it and impressed by what you did vs the free alpha version. I did have some complaints, but as I was never an option to be a paying customer, figured I did not have a good enough right to complain.

I realized that my Beta trial would almost certainly come to an end. In fact, as I didn’t find out about it until the last day, figured I only had 1 day to try the Beta version. I was pleasantly surprised when it kept working for a couple more days.

I do not resent you at all for ending my Beta access. Yours is a business and you have every right to do your best to make money. If someone, who could afford to do so, wanted my recommendation for your game, I would gladly give it.

Thanks for the free Beta usage.

Best wishes,