Kingdom Renovators

The new interface continues to reshape itself beneath our curious and haphazard guidance, making its way further into the realms of Pretty and Neat. A little more attention has been diverted to the Kingdom map, and players in the know will see that the Tavern/Quest/Dungeon system is about halfway through some swanky new renovations. By the time it’s complete, it should look a lot nicer AND provide players with extra helpful information.

We’ve also listened to people’s cries for a return to the good ol’ days of Dwarven fortitude, so we’re swapping their abilities with the vamp stuff to see if the switch is a better fit overall. We’re also bringing the Glowing Guardian more in line with the way he was meant to be played — as a stingy old beard in the sky whose rewards are hidden behind a considerable barrier of “I’m difficult to please, so just deal with it”. Paladins who carefully apply Absolution shouldn’t be entirely obliterated by the change … but players are advised to try different god combos anyway. It can’t hurt to experiment, after all.

There’s a couple of other changes to take note of (including a slightly less fireball-exclusive Mystera), but our next radical update will probably have to wait until after GDC. Here’s this week’s log:


  • Guarded against index out of bounds crashes in path calculation
  • Killed the annoying floaty footsteps on long path jumps
  • Fixed compression and transmutation seals
  • Fixed text display issues for some god piety messages
  • Paladin piety penalty lowered
  • Glowing Guardian piety conditions changed
  • Mystera’s boons adjusted
  • Dwarf, Halfling and Vampire conversions adjusted
  • One or two quests removed
  • Added new dungeon information to dungeon panel
  • Quest information moved to map screen
  • Map screen icons now select a dungeon/quest for information viewing.
  • Dungeons can be selected by using the button on the information panel, or double-clicking the map icon
  • Clicking on Tavern now opens map screen
  • Hovering over a dungeon icon will highlight quests associated with that dungeon
  • Hovering over a quest icon will highlight dungeons associated with that quest
  • Quest panel will be getting more information on next update
  • Fixed bug with Fighter lvl 1 exp bar
  • Changed contrast and health/mana/exp bars on player tag
  • Changed enemy info panel
  • Inventory edited for better contrast, conversion bars changed