Kerbang Kaboom

2013-10-18blogImageHere’s another juice update for y’all. As we continue padding out the animations for dungeon interactions, we’ve started bringing our attention to small — but oft-forgotten — aspects of the dungeon experience, such as tile scouting, fog-o-war and an actual frikking graphic for the actual frikking backpack.

Bug fixes and minor interface adjustments abound. We’re also halfway through the Advisor Tasks system, one final mechanical tweak that’s due to be rolled out soon. Players needing additional victory metrics and a small gold boost should appreciate this little bit of content, which will be explained in more detail when it arrives next week.

How much could there possibly be left to do? Well, a rapidly diminishing amount, as it so happens. Adjustments sink further into details as we prepare for the final push! Changelog follows, loyal beta users:


  • Fixed a bug with item descriptions in shops being misaligned.
  • Fixed a bug where the tops of certain kingdom buildings would show up in the map screen.
  • Added a grouping border to race/class selection in unsorted mode.
  • Centered buttons during race/class selection in sorted mode.
  • Set specific building order during race/class selection in sorted mode.
  • Added cursor effect for IMAWAL + additional petrification animation.
  • Increased BURNDAYRAZ animation awesomeness by 75%.
  • Added enemy regeneration health pop.
  • Added Burning on-enemy indicator, burning damage effect and burning regeneration effect.
  • Added graphical embellishments to score screen.
  • Added sliding capability to activity list in score screen if list is too long.
  • Clicking off a dungeon in the map screen now deselects the dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where tabs would sometimes appear behind, when selected.
  • Changed flags on puzzle packs to ticks, and made sure they don’t show through to the class panel.
  • BLUDTOPOWA no longer shows as castable when the player has exactly as much health as it costs to cast.
  • Capitalised mouseover descriptions in the Earning panel.
  • Added graphical version of the backpack.
  • Added advisor tutorial to explain the backpack.
  • Changed “Earning” to “Earnings” on score screen.
  • Fixed a bug where items on the activity/earnings lists could appear beneath their backing image.
  • Changed the color of the mana cost text in the codex to be less.
  • Fixed a bug with max level difference being calculated incorrectly.
  • HALPMEH glyph preview now takes into account sorcerer’s essence transit.
  • Glyphs that cannot be cast no longer show predictions.
  • Assassin Silver victory condition more directly enforced.
  • Bosses without speeches no longer attempt to talk.
  • Interactions added to the player’s current position immediately reflect in the side panels.
  • Visual problems on shop panel numbers fixed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented items from being used directly after certain drag events.
  • Fixed bug that could cause buttons to enter drag states immediately after being clicked on.