“Isn’t Betty a woman’s name?”

As part of the graphical focus and visual whatnottery we’ve had going on, we’ve finally had the good taste / time / resources / stuff to build a full roster of female character sprites for dungeoneers who were wondering where half of the Kingdom’s population had disappeared to. Right now, they’re ladies in appearance only — still have to get around to giving them names other than Butch, Chuck and Boris, but that should be in place next week.

We’ve also been smoothing out some creases in the new damage pipeline, so we hope all the prediction errors have gone away by now (because, you know, we’re ambitious and optimistic like that). At the very least, the most obvious culprits should all be firmly behind bars.

We’ll end this brief update by advertising a couple of threads from our beloved community: first of all, Darvin’s new Dungeon of the Day initiative (master thread here), where entrants post their win screens from pre-selected dungeon environments, scoring points for earning medals or playing with particular classes. Fun for people who want to extend their DD experience or learn a couple of tricks from others tackling the same challenge!

There’s also a World Records thread lurking around, showcasing some of the ridiculous extremities that veteran players manage in an average game of DD (as if you didn’t already feel bad enough just struggling to survive the Den of Danger …)

Hope you like the new sprites! Females will randomly pop up for everyone (except, uh, the somewhat androgynous elves), and in the coming weeks we’ll build a proper naming system for them. Here’s a changelog:


  • Fixed reported discrepancies between predicted combat and actual combat.
  • Knockback damage is now previewed.
  • Added preview number hover over health/mana bars.
  • Puzzle pack rewards fixed
  • Some boon descriptions fixed
  • Dracul Puzzle 3 health pendant description fixed.
  • Jadetooth (and other enemies) sprites no longer flip in score screen monster list.