Holy War

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In addition to the updates mentioned above, there’s quite an exciting list of tweaks and new features in this week’s beta revision — including several class changes and instructions on how to dynamically assign hotkeys to your inventory. Full changelog follows:


  • Changed Paladin’s HOLY WORK attribute to deal with god worship instead of health for undead kills
  • Fixed lifesteal prediction bug that was leading players to think they would survive hits that would actually kill them
  • Added new class, good luck finding it
  • Added zas+#Bghia ASDf*Kds
  • Fixed crash on Explorers Guild to do with puzzle pack toggle buttons
  • Fixed a bug that prevented full stackable inventory slots swapping with single items
  • Changed Wizard to small glyphs, removed mana conversion bonus
  • Changed all inventory slots to physical+magical, testing out how this impacts play
  • Fixed bug with clipped inventory item descriptions
  • Hotkey system totally revamped, default hotkeys for all glyphs added
  • Set (letter) hotkeys with SHIFT + KEY over the desired useable item in the inventory
  • Clear hotkeys on an item with SHIFT + SPACEBAR
  • Number keys are still hard-set to their specific slots
  • New bank quests that take the bank to level 3
  • New bank preparations for bank level 2 and 3
  • New bazaar quests that take the bazaar to level 3
  • New items added to shops for bazaar at level 3
  • Changes to bazaar preparations