He’s The Crafty One

This week’s puzzle pack is dedicated to the ever-mischievous Tikki Tooki. Get acquainted with this veteran favourite in a (semi) safe environment under the (sometimes) caring guidance of an (undoubtedly) awesome divinity!

Unfortunately, we are making good on our recent threats and going a little “under the hood” for a while — a priority this week has been the creation and refinement of new interaction systems for special dungeon events and other game happenings, a move which will hopefully be completed by next week. You may, in your travels, encounter these updates via in-dungeon characters who can actually be clicked on and spoken to (instead of, you know, stepping on their faces all the time, and selecting “Talk”). Sorry, that doesn’t leave as much for the front end! But we technically got more work done this week, so be glad for us and stuff.

The changelog looks pretty threadbare this week, but we promise that this is totally a “Black Triangle” update! A lot of exciting polish / sophistication / prettiness is coming soon. If you want to have a look at the creation process for this week’s blog image, click on through to the livestream here. Itty bitty changes follow:


  • Northern Desert Wraith Boss swapped out for Warlock Boss.
  • Defensive Glyph Magnet preparation replaced with Less Glyphs preparation.
  • Tikki Tooki puzzle pack added
  • Messaging interface and “talk” encounters changed in some (but not all) places.