Gold Star Stickers


Our new Kingdom map is nearly ready for in-game awesomeness! We just need to finish up the different states required for all of the dungeon graphics (yep, they have different appearances based on completion criteria), then it’s off to plugging them in and watching them go.

In the meantime, open up the in-dungeon menu when you have a moment and check out the cool new badge graphics we’ve got for you! Finally, your unique and hard-earned dungeon achievements have been honoured with equally unique and hard-drawn dungeon badges from our unique and hard-pressed dungeon artists!

This has been another week of text fixing, with a bit of narrative improvement and some flesh-out-ness when it comes to lore and Exclusive Edition content (several EE characters so far being dispensers of this additional lore, so keep an eye out for them). From a UI perspective, we should have dealt with that pesky bottom cut-off problem that’s been plaguing the Kingdom’s dialog boxes for a few weeks. Please send us a report via e-mail or our gigantic thread o’ bugs if you still encounter graphical glitches. Screenshots are always helpful in these cases.

Aside from that, there’s been a few minor in-dungeon tweaks including a BLUDTUPOWA / Goatperson nerf. Not our idea, honest. This one’s on you guys.

A rather incremental week, though it has been filled with content and adjustments that we’re not allowed to talk about. Is that a valid carrot to dangle or not? Either way, changelog follows with the stuff we DO get to divulge:


  • Added new artwork for badges.
  • Fixed a bug where quitting during the first tutorial could cause a blank screen to appear at startup.
  • Item doubling problem in Goat Glade quests fixed
  • Glade quest 2-3 no longer has boss spawning on subdungeon stairs
  • Attack icon shows properly in selected enemy panel again
  • Kingdom gold capacity updates properly with bank upgrades
  • Greatly reduced Crusader momentum attack update spam
  • Advisor hand pointers should adjust gracefully for prep/challenge explanations
  • Goat glade item retrieval description fixed
  • Kingdom text cut-off problems fixed
  • In food-based scenarios, BLUDTUPOWA casts use one food
  • Refined subdungeons, juiced up some Exclusive Edition interactions