Heyooo, it’s a new year and a new DD update! Our changes prior to the holiday break were pretty radical compared to the usual fare, and it’s been great to see all the enthusiasm and feedback on the new systems we have in place.

A quick apology, though, to players who suffered crash bugs from use of the WONAFYT glyph over the vacation — we returned to work this week to find a rather scary number of reports about that on our logging system. The problem has been resolved now, and you shouldn’t have any further grief with spellcasting. Summon away.

Poison in its new incarnation is something we have faith in, and this week we tweaked some of those values to make it “click” properly. Everything we messed with in this area has been carefully labelled in the changelog below. And nope, wizard definitely can’t infini-create potions using the new class buff. Sorry!

We also included a few interface and player convenience tweaks in this first update of the year, while trying to revive the additional dev blog on our company site (hopefully, this one is a resolution we’ll manage to keep).

Concept art this week comes from our new pixellator, Shamie. He’s been throwing together a bunch of, uh, charming pics for items and whatnot. They’re pretty beadass. Okay, these jokes are awful. Welcome, Shamie. Changelog:


  • Apheelsik glyph mana cost reduced to 5.
  • Venom Dagger adjusted to add 2 stacks of poison per player level.
  • Tikki Tooki’s Poison boon adjusted to add 1 stack of poison per player level. Boon costs lowered to 15 + 10 repeating.
  • Gorgon’s Poisonous effect adjusted to 5 stacks of poison per player level.
  • tilde/back quote key now takes you to the inventory tab.
  • Preparation costs are now refunded if the game crashes (and can recover).
  • Victory in a vicious dungeon now awards 200 gold.
  • Fixed weirdness with Gorgon class death gaze combat prediction.
  • Defeating a silver challenge subsequent times will now keep awarding the challenge item.
  • GG puzzle fixed.
  • Puzzle deaths prompt for restart.
  • Vicious Halls of Steel unlock now a flagged quest.
  • Cha’Dylan teleport bug fixed.
  • Poison tile prediction now properly takes burning into account.
  • Assassin’s Light Foot ability no longer overrides enemy first strike.
  • Knockback prediction no longer goes into negative numbers.
  • Effect display no longer crashes the game if an effect is removed from an enemy before it’s displayed for the first time.
  • Effects in specific orders no longer reshuffle themselves the second time they’re displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the vampire could worship gods.