Final Beta Update


It’s been a long and emotional journey, folks.

This is the final Desktop Dungeons Beta Update. As we scramble to add the last few features and bugfixes for the impending Steam launch and our release of the official “full” version, we’d like to thank all of our beta supporters, pre-orderers and faithful problem-spotters for the enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to improvement that has not at all waned in all the time that we’ve been developing openly on this product.

That’s 128 beta updates, folks. A nice binary kind of number and a fitting version update to wrap things up with!

Our message is brief: there’s a heaaaaavy¬†weekend ahead of us for a whole bunch of reasons and the excitement in the office is palpable (even if one of our number is currently over at MineCon)! If anything breaks in the next few days, we’ll be paying careful attention — so let us know. Gaze below for one last beta changelog and give yourselves a pat on the back for all the valuable feedback you’ve given us over the years:


  • Fixed bug that could cause initial starting dungeon to repeat.
  • Fixed various bugs with the splash screen.
  • Fixed a bug where prediction would show fireball after a hotkey cast in enemy selection mode.
  • Added an indicator showing whether master volume is zero or not.
  • Added bezels for wide-screen resolutions.
  • Updated player tag ribbons for better contrast.
  • Prevented blood on dungeon floor from switching to ? rune when partially revealed.
  • Added sounds for: Building, piety spend, BLUDTOPOWA, HALPMEH, LEMMISI, IMAWAL, ENDISWAL, BYSSEPS, GETINDARE, PISORF, secret discoveries, items charging up, seal usage and players being cursed.
  • Fixed potential crash problem with Advisor Tasks
  • Advisor Tasks no longer suffer from inability to increment
  • Adjusted text colour coding for class challenges
  • Added visual story panels for opening game
  • Panel now switches to inventory by default when an item is added
  • Fixed crash with occasional Patches teleport in small dungeon levels
  • Fixed rogue button appearance in Triple Quest 2-3
  • Puzzle gold rewards correctly update the Kingdom display
  • Fixed Kingdom tutorial state problem with some new profiles
  • Uploaded loading screen logo
  • Boss trophies now have tab images
  • Black “Kingdom of…” box removed
  • Score screen buttons reworded
  • Added dungeon borders to show completion states