Faith Burns Bright

Paladin lovers, prepare to rejoice. We took some time to bring this class back in line with a focus on enhancing clever worship of the holy warrior’s chosen deity instead of patching up player clumsiness. We’ll wait for the blatant exploits to fire up once people realise just how much they can get away with.

Bloodmages have received a little buff as well, and their challenge tree has been polished. The monk’s one, too. In fact, the content of class challenges in general has grown slightly: we’re glad that people seem to be enjoying the concept, so we’ll try to work on a few more of them per update. They tend to break less easily than straight puzzles at the moment.

In our war against quest completion weirdness, we’ve worked out a few more system kinks and added some extra feedback markers for those particularly confusing badge-based trials. Hopefully these measures will serve the dual purpose of reducing player confusion and clarifying bug reports on our end!

The rest of the stuff this week is all about sorting out minor issues that some players may (or may not) have noticed during gameplay. Oh, and switching up GG’s burnt offering rules to encourage a little more loyalty in followers. Here’s the full changelog:


    • Accolade Quests with restrictions now notify you mid dungeon if you fail them.
    • Last Run button now also sets your previous active quest.
    • Last Run button is no longer invisible when coming back from a run.
    • Resistance Erosion lowered on most enemies.
    • Paladin’s Holy Work changed. It now lowers boon costs by 20% and prevents punishment.
    • Bloodmage gains 1 mana when consuming a blood pool.
    • BLUDTUPOWA now switches off when revealing while at full mana.
    • Yin Yang subdungeon changed. No blocking wall, no exploration, new reward.
    • Game will no longer ask the player to choose when online/cached saves are identical
    • Glowing Guardian burnt offering made easier and more reliable.
    • Burning now correctly takes magic resistance into account when triggered on non-target enemies.
    • Several existing bronze/silver/gold challenges revised or fixed.
    • New class challenges and subdungeons added.
    • Fewer cases of item/altar/stair overlaps in dungeon.
    • Low-level enemies should cluster slightly less.
    • Jehora Jeheyu now gives slightly less piety on average.