Extra pixels

This week, we’ve been patching up a couple of bugs, inserting some new graphics (elves actually have female sprites now, as if anyone could even tell the difference with those pointy-eared hippies) and hitting a little more behind-the-scenes stuff with the Codex and transferring text to an external file (the how and why of this has been mentioned in some recent blog posts on www.qcfdesign.com).

If you notice any text irregularities popping up, do let us know so we can fix them (our forums and contact page are always a good start). It’s a big system change and hunting down all the exceptions has been difficult.

We’ve started putting in a merciful hint system for some puzzles, too, so that players can get access to the critical item unlocked without banging their heads too severely against any walls. Failing some puzzles several times in a row should yield a helpful dungeon sign.

Remember: in addition to our news updates on this site, we’ll now be attempting to post weekly updates on www.qcfdesign.com with technical, creative or behind-the-scenes info on the stuff we’ve been wrestling with in the most recent work cycle. Check it out if you’re curious! Changelog follows:


  • Vampire can no longer take pactmaker pacts.
  • Fixed bug where petrifying Sir Thrawn would keep player locked in subdungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where subdungeons weren’t spawning in Cursed Oasis.
  • Ying and Yang made bloodless.
  • Elf female sprites discovered, were wearing fake beards this whole time.
  • Prayer Bead graphics updated.
  • Fixed bug with inventory item info popups being too persistent.
  • Fixed issues related to menu appearing on puzzle death.
  • Gorgon damage penalty correctly listed.
  • Puzzle hint system partially implemented (Gnomes and Halflings for now)