Heyooo! Sadly enough, none of our more “vocal” community members found the Naga Cauldron last week (cue innocuous whistling), so presumably not enough people were impressed enough by the Magefist rumours to investigate deeply enough. Hopefully improvements to the latter will inspire discovery of the former.

We got tired of headaches related to this and that working or not working on immunities and whether or not certain approaches were considered exploits blahblah whatnot so we decided to simplify matters by adding a new “Immune” modifier to some monsters so there’s no doubt about piercing and damage calcs.

We’ve hopefully also got one or two new systems to alleviate the occasional (uber-mysterious) data losses and ward off a crash or two amidst the current problems (yep, still chipping away at it).

In response to concerns about the difficulty of Bloodmage Gold, we’ve lowered the boss stats considerably. In response to concerns about the difficulty of Paladin Gold, we’ve made absolutely no adjustments whatsoever. Enjoy this week’s update and hunt down the cauldron if you can! Changelog follows:

Current Fixes:

  • Hotkey assignment re-instated, prevented from using odd punctuation.
  • Inventory shadow popups re-killed. Again.
  • Replaced 100% physical and magical resistance with physical and magical immunity.
  • Save game backup system implemented.
  • Fixed text on profile delete confirmation.
  • Bloodmage Gold is easier
  • “Magefist” adjusted
  • Tutorial 3 glyph conversion fixed
  • Blood tithe description fixed
  • Protection added against boon management crashes
  • Fixed City Expansion quest selection. It no longer selects ‘deleted’ dungeons.