Economic Stability

This week, more attention has been paid to early game progress, gold yields and a few other loose screws on the Kingdom and DD metagame. Early game progression is more carefully controlled, and class challenges no longer leak gold like candy from a broken pinata (or blood from a slain warlock, whatever).

Of course, we’re aware that whether through exploits or simple persistent play, lots of our veterans are absolutely bogged down with that shiny yellow stuff and don’t really know what to spend it on. Well, we’ve got a little treat lined up for you guys!

Additionally, the scripting problems that people have been encountering with some subdungeons should be all fixed up, and we’ve tweaked the exploration rules to incentivise “peeking in” just a little bit more for all the others. The four directional Vicious dungeons have also been adjusted (though from what we can tell, literally the only critically requested change has been “remove effing bandit boss from Naga City”). Some parts are easier, others not. Either way, feel free to bash against them and leave comments.

Haha, so like, bankers are vampires — get the joke? Hilarious! Anyway, changelog for this week follows:


  • Subdungeons 3×3 starting blocks start pre-revealed. This should promote early subdungeon exploration.
  • Badges can no longer be obtained in early dungeons, and must be failable to appear (i.e no miser badge with no shops)
  • Completion stats for early dungeons are hidden.
  • Introduced kingdom gold cap. Gold cap increases with bank level.
  • Added notification when gold cap is reached.
  • Once the bank reaches level 3, higher gold caps can be bought.
  • Option added to level 3 bank to buy extra locker slots for the guild.
  • Priest Gold no longer vulnerable to silly CYDSTEPP victory.
  • Early game progression quests tweaked.
  • Shop summon scroll provides message on failure.
  • Challenge rewards fully moved to Silver.
  • Challenge runs no longer yield money.
  • Locked challenges provide broad hints about unlock requirements.
  • Quest availability should update more promptly now.
  • Alchemist scroll / Trisword initial cost lowered.
  • Vampire crypt scrubbed from old player profiles.
  • “Inert” subdungeon issue resolved.
  • Rare edge case of secret / normal stairs swapping places should be fixed.
  • Illusion orb smashing in Gaan-Telet no longer yields experience (enemies otherwise treated as normal, xp-free kills)
  • Mystera’s Refreshment ignores mana burn.