E3 for everyone!

Only part of the QCF team is able to make it to E3 this year, so we figure there’s a good chance that not all of the DD community will make it there either. This situation is vastly unfair … so we’ve gotta do something about it.

After throwing out some magnificently expensive and incredibly impractical ideas (a duplicate E3 show in every major city), we decided to simply let you all play the same demo that we’ll be showing at E3! It’ll only be available for the 3 days of the Expo, so make sure you get to try it while it’s up!

The demo will show a partially upgraded kingdom (without the final graphics) and offers no progression — it’s designed specifically for the quick E3 showfloor turnover, sorry! But if you know anyone who’d love to get some playtime with the new improved DD, or just wants a little piece of E3 at home, point them at us this week.