Dwarf Fortress

Heyooo! This week comes armed with a whole bunch of sweet new balance adjustments, a startling number of those related to some pretty core stuff: spells, races and even classes. Some — such as the dwarf and the oft-maligned Transmuter — have received pretty radical makeovers, while other areas of the game have earned slightly more subtle love, but warrant attention nonetheless (a little birdie tells me that one humble Fighter suggestion was FINALLY lifted from the forums a few days back).

Give us a hand: hunt for all the stuff and give it a whirl! There was waaaay too much for us to thoroughly playtest this week (which isn’t unusual in itself), so we’re bracing ourselves and waiting for people to report the latest horribly broken strategies that come out (we already fear the potential of the new fireball!).

But we think that there’s enough cool changes in there to make this particular update fresh, fun, and full of exciting new opportunities for some previously overlooked classes and techniques. Have a great time! For the stuff we haven’t gotten to yet — it’ll come. Don’t worry. We just need to find the time.

Here’s a changelog. We think it’s incomplete because we forgot to commit ALL of the little adjustments we made. Oh well, surprises are fun! Try look out for the following:


  • Fixed much of the text alignment.
  • Fixed losing after killing a boss giving trophy/class rewards.
  • Added code to refresh combat prediction more frequently.
  • Swift Hand combat prediction now correctly shows “Victory” versus death protected foes.
  • Fireball now burns enemies, each layer of burning counts as additional magic damage for the next attack that also applies burning.
  • Enemies that are burning go out when another enemy is damaged, applying magic damage for each layer of burning.
  • Whurrgarbl sword now has Burning Strike.
  • Trisword now increases base damage for any potion quaff.
  • Shroud squares are destroyed when revealed again.
  • Way of the Fist final quest can now only be completed with the monk.
  • Some item prices adjusted.
  • Tinker enjoys discounts at potion shops.
  • Crystal ball minimum mana cost increased.
  • Fireheart changed.
  • Assassin’s poison is corrosive.
  • Revised Bloodmage mana potion effect.
  • Priest health bonus increased.
  • Fighter levels 10% faster.
  • Wizard starts with fireball.
  • Transmuter changed.
  • Dwarves now convert for damage reduction.
  • Dungeons won’t randomly spawn repeats of glyphs already owned.
  • Strength potion/knockback exploit fixed.
  • Binlor/Jehora Jeheyu adjusted
  • Bazaar shop count increased
  • Mana burn can be re-applied on sufferers.
  • Dungeon descriptions tweaked
  • Boon buttons respond to potion requirements.
  • Several item revisions …
  • Wraith boss nerfed.