Dungeon Task Force

2013-10-25blogImageNow, this is a pretty little update!

We’ve added a chunk of new animations this week, vastly improving the appearance of a lotta common dungeon interactions such as exploration and enemy thwacking. Bosses have suitably ominous bone piles placed around them (the unfortunate remains of unfortunate adventurers, no doubt) and gold coins are about 50% more golden and coin-ish.

We’ve also added one last game system to fill out a hitherto barren panel on the Kingdom screen: the long-delayed Advisor Tasks panel, designed to direct, intrigue and reward players with micro-quests and common chores. Players stuck on dungeons will no longer find themselves completely bereft of achievements or income, and beginners should find the tasks pulling them in interesting new directions. Give the system a try and let us know what you think!

New sound effects are being added this week, too. The process has only begun in this update, but we’ll have another whole chunk of ’em by this time next week. They’re already sounding pretty crackly, magical and chilling on our end, so it’s just a matter of plugging ’em into the game itself!

What more have we added this week? How much extra content is possible? Which final gaps are being plugged at this late hour? The changelog reveals all:


  • Unusable items in enemy selection mode now consistently show no prediction when moused over.
  • Spacebar to attack disabled when mousing over usable items in enemy selection mode, to match prediction.
  • Darkened un-achieved badges on score screen to increase readability.
  • Now a click is required per list to speed up on the score screen.
  • Added tab graphic for altar panel and inventory panel.
  • Fixed a bug where the dungeon exit was the default selected tab when starting the dungeon.
  • Added reveal animation.
  • Fixed bug with attack animation rotations clustering around strange angles.
  • Fixed race condition in animation manager.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a newer save was found on the server.
  • BLUDTOPOWA now shows mana gain prediction when moused over.
  • Added enemy death splatter animations.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a black panel to appear when picking up items.
  • Menu buttons given graphic change.
  • Binlor’s boon buttons now become disabled when the revealed wall count is to low.
  • Player death splatter animation added.
  • Bosses now spawn bones in adjacent cells.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the last footstep of any movement from being properly displayed (keyboard movement no longer looks like hopping on one leg)
  • SFX for BLUDTOPOWA added.
  • Advisor Task system added
  • Made The Watcher’s silence clearer
  • Fixed problem where enemies removed from play wouldn’t be properly deselected
  • Fixed issue where Glenrick re-introduces himself after being knocked into darkness