Desktop Dungeons beta update: crazy old people

Hi, is this thing on? Hello?

Oh, right, keyboard. Buttons and symbols and stuff. It feels a bit weird talking to everyone through a machine of all things, but I guess that’s just how the “modern world” works.

So, yeah. Kingdom Witch here. Just thought I’d let you all know that the developers have finally (finally!) decided to improve my building. It’s about freaking time too: I’ve had a bunch of useless potions just sitting around in orphaned code blocks for ages, and I don’t even know what those ARE.

Stupid technology. Stupid machines.

The devs also warned me not to give away any spoilers about that fancy new class you can find out west. But heck, I’ll give you just a little hint: he’s old, cranky, pretentious and rhymes with “not-a-transmuter”. And that geriatric rat owes me fifty gold.

The full changelog follows, addressing a few crash issues, multiple glyph balance tweaks, some new sound effects and a fair bit of behind-the-scenes stuff to make profile loading a little easier. Image courtesy of bla’s fanart thread!


  • Fixed crash bug caused by leveling inside subdungeons at the Berserker Camp
  • Fire Heart stacking capped, magic resistance calculated properly
  • Using CYDSTEPP when not at full health causes exhaustion. Warlords are immune
  • Purchasing Viper Ward/Soul Orb while poisoned/manaburned no longer crashes the game
  • Minor issues related to level-ups should be fixed (piety after goblin Enlightenment, Berserker Camp “ghosting”)
  • Binlor correctly adds 50% stoneskin upon boon request
  • All stoneskin effects report bonus properly
  • Binlor no longer creates paths over impassable tiles
  • Demonic Library subdungeon fixed
  • Dungeon generator for Halls of Steel, etc should no longer create impossible terrain
  • Monsters spawning in semi-revealed terrain now correctly appear as generic indicators
  • Dwarf conversion threshold lowered to 80
  • Combat prediction should refresh properly when player is about to die
  • Quest item pool refreshes properly when switching profiles
  • Battlemage ring and other items should function properly from locker
  • Multi-class victory quests won’t accidentally count several victories from one required class
  • Items will avoid spawning under enemies
  • WONAFYT prioritises non-resistant targets
  • ENDISWAL mana cost lowered by 2
  • Hitting <ENTER> at the login screen will now attempt to log in.
  • Login panel now gives feedback that you are trying to log in.
  • Hitting <ENTER> at the profile creation screen will now attempt to create a new profile.
  • Profile name length restrictions put in place.
  • Save game split to reduce upload size. There will be a once per profile ‘conversion’ when the profile is loaded.
  • New quests and unlocks added
  • Swamp tileset added
  • Effects now aware of the type of entity they’re placed on
  • SFX for weaken, corrosion, poison, manaburn and life-steal