Damage Control

It has been a crazy week for the QCF team – stolen equipment, cut-up faces and bad Soul Calibur matchups have all reared their heads in the past seven days. But we’ve persisted regardless and present, once again, the weekly DD Beta Update (capital letters for special emphasis).

We continue to pick at the Kingdom interface while readying up the next major bunch of graphics. We’ve also hopped back into the dungeons briefly to start work on the enemy effects overview system (a convoluted way of saying that Slow, Poison and other stuff will visibly animate on monsters without needing a mouseover). We even took a moment today to adjust APHEELSIK’s interaction with magic resistance and try out a new balance idea for the less-alive opponents in the DD roster.

You’ll notice that a lot of this week’s changes concern UI and player comprehension tweaks – we consider this to be a good path to focus on right now and we thank everybody for their assistance in picking up on / pointing out these little weirdnesses, particularly the more abstract ones.

Sorry we didn’t get more done this week: one of us is currently short of a laptop and rather cheesed off about it. The changelog is still reasonably chunky in terms of all the little details we brought together, though. Have a look:


  • Fixed a bug where trophies could sometimes not give gold income.
  • Added overheal on enemy mini-healthbar.
  • Added building names to tooltips.
  • Button backgrounds for disabled preps now display correctly right away.
  • “H” visits should stop clumping in all situations now.
  • Effects match up properly in Bloodmage Bronze
  • Rogue / Sorcerer Silver awards item properly again
  • Assassin Silver no longer drops Wraith Cowl
  • Thief Silver displays lvl2 monster locations from start
  • Tweaked some puzzle hints
  • Adjusted WONAFYT and WEYTWUT descriptions
  • Bosses without natural item drops yield gold again
  • Non-trophy boss characters no longer throw off the sell/leave calculations on trophies
  • Tidied monster trophy pickup panel
  • Dwarf lvl1 labelled correctly
  • Revenants no longer spawn in the Gorgon’s statue locations
  • Added clarification text to support Dragon Isles boss switchup
  • Double-clicking a quest/dungeon no longer has it’s panel linger in the kingdom screen.
  • Players no longer level up while dead
  • Bloody Sigil regen effects correctly show in UI
  • Most undead creatures are now bloodless
  • Assassin Gold adjusted
  • Added slow effect icon to enemy sprite.
  • Added poison effect icon to enemy sprite, changes when a move would result in poison expiring.
  • APHEELSIK poison stacks now interact with enemy magic resist instead of a flat chance at being resisted.