Curses, crusades and random nonsense

It’s another of those weeks where the changelog swells with lots of itty-bitty things for balancing and bugfixes. The revised Glowing Guardian paradigm is settling in a little more, we’ve got a new Curse system to deal with the resistance erosion problem, and we’re tweaking the economy a bit to balance player income for veterans and newbies alike.

One of the most obvious changes for veteran opportunity-seekers is the new random quest system that we’ve been threatening to implement over the past few weeks. Players who want motivation for defeating regular dungeons with creative character combinations now have some gold incentives in place. Hooray!

Our shotgun approach to this week’s update may mean that not every idea has been perfectly executed (at least, we’re not naive enough to assume so), but we’ll pay close attention to feedback next week to pick out the weaker points. Have fun with the new playspace.

Okay, so the changelog this week is LONG. Brace yourselves. It follows in all its glory:


  • Added random quest. This picks race/class/badge combos that you don’t have, in your least successful dungeons (with weighting against vicious dungeons)
  • Random quest parameters can be reset by finishing a flaming dungeon.
  • Changed bank upgrade progression (post lvl3) and made extra locker slots more affordable.
  • Added veto slot purchases to bank.
  • Each bank upgrade after lvl3 adds 1 gold to adventurers allowance.
  • Bank now maxes out at 100000 gold limit.
  • Quicksilver potion changed to 50% dodge chance. Dodge chance no longer increases.
  • GETINDERE now adds 5% temporary dodge chance and dodge prediction.
  • Random run dungeon button added to map screen.
  • Dodging made impossible in puzzles to prevent them breaking.
  • initial gold cap and bank lvl1 and lvl2 caps increased.
  • Free Guild upgrade quest removed.
  • Added new gold reward for finishing a dungeon with 50% and 100% of classes.
  • Added advisor text about class completion gold rewards.
  • Removed Hobbler’s Hold once 4 directional dungeons become available.
  • Added loading screens between scene transitions.
  • Entire grid is revealed on player death.
  • Exclamation is no longer shown on the Bazaar if no veto slots are acquired.
  • Gorgons no longer petrify bosses that aren’t level 10 (and now correctly petrify non-boss level 10s).
  • WONAFYT summon logic made more robust and predictable, will now reliably summon lower levels too.
  • Resistance Erosion replaced with Curse
  • Earthmother and GG can remove curses
  • Crusader immunities changed
  • Namtar stage 2 deals less damage
  • Taurog / Dracul boons offer slight damage boosts
  • Dracul blood tithe description fixed
  • Enlightenment made stronger
  • Absolution and Protection are cheaper
  • Health / Mana potion conversion reward for GG increased
  • Dracul leveling and DING! Max badge issue fixed
  • Penalties for several Church preparations adjusted
  • Corrected error with Northern Desert monster spawning logic
  • Several god unlock subdungeons tweaked
  • Venom Dagger and Balanced Dagger count as small items
  • Gloves of Midas conversion value lowered
  • Monster Whistle is now the Slayer Wand
  • Platemail and Mageplate react timeously to level-changing god boons
  • Martyr Wraps corrode on level up
  • Whurrgarbl and Martyr Wraps are cheaper
  • It is now possible to recover bank gold from class challenge runs
  • Secret dungeons appear more regularly
  • Elven Boots +3 mana, Dwarven Gauntlets health bonus fixed
  • Hitball Arena starts partially unexplored
  • Yin / Yang swords have reduced damage, made into small items
  • Monk Challenge descriptions clarified
  • Transmutation Seal now works on all glyphs properly