Crashing the cart

Hello again! We thought it would be prudent to discuss some of the crash problems that users have been having recently — this past week in particular. We’ve been working on ’em, and diagnosing ’em, and tearing some hair out over ’em, and it looks like there’s some really awkward stuff going on that may or may not be a result of Unity updates, Chrome updates and a couple of things which DD does in particular to freak out one or the other.

Definitely frustrating, as some of these crashes seem to be appearing in areas of the game that were trundling along quite merrily. We’re a tiny bit worried that some of these issues are out of our hands right now, but we can’t know for certain until we’ve dug up the correct information from the correct sources.

For now, we recommend switching to Firefox if you’re a Chrome user (hopefully just a temporary thing, we’ve got a well-nested Chrome user on staff who feels your pain) and we’ll do our best to get things up and running again as soon as possible.

In short: fear not, we’re definitely, definitely working on it. Or at least fretting about it.

From a design point of view, we’ve been refining some subdungeons and smacking down those bugs which *can* be diagnosed and fixed (yay for small victories!). We’ve also been eyeballing playsession statistics for further ideas, and in the background we’ve got some puzzles that are being simplified and re-tested where possible (specifically: attempts to remove red herrings are underway, and you should see a noticeable difference in some of the packs next week).

If your browser doesn’t freeze and crash and then freeze again reading this newspost, here’s a couple of visible changes in this build. Hopefully this time next week we’ll be adding “fixed all crash reports forever” to our changelog:


  • Username is now saved on login attempt.
  • Encouragements are now also shown when retiring.
  • Fixed a bug in boss percentage damage encouragement.
  • Various buffs to recent subdungeons.
  • New subdungeon available.
  • More crash tracking added to try and diagnose the recent stability snafus.
  • Slight optimisations to text and font handling.