Crash Landing

In our continued “revise and refine” phase of development, we’ve gleefully been nailing some real pain-in-the-everywhere crash bugs that have been scuttling our ships for weeks. As it turns out, the new crash logging system we have running on the server has been a huge success (though player input has been well appreciated, thanks to everyone who helped us track down that pesky Taurog issue).

What we discovered this week was that people have a rather scary tendency to not report stuff that’s been going wrong with their games, so here’s a helpful little reminder about contacting us via e-mail or the semi-official bug thread on our forums. It’s always great to have more people popping in and becoming more vocal members of the DD community: just please remember that your first post anywhere has to be manually activated by one of us, which may take a day or two depending on when we check.

For this week’s behind-the-scenes report (which may become more regular since our changelogs tend to be more spartan): continued work on the Codex. Had more meetings about the Codex. Wrestled with philosophical issues concerning the Codex. Contemplated the Meaning of Life. Added Meaning of Life entries to the Codex.

There’s a cool dev assistance tool dubbed “the layer set editor” which we’ve been thrusting at our artist to streamline our creation of the new-look Kingdom (squeee!). It’ll be really cool to see that coming out … many of you have, after all, been waiting for more than a year to lay eyes upon a non-textified Kingdom screen.

To those of you who have been suffering under the yoke of crash bugs and awkward restart issues, rejoice! Thanks to our new system, eliminating those has become a lot easier. Changelog follows:


  • Wicked Guitar now adds status effect to leveled up monsters.
  • Double restart should no longer happen.
  • Taurog subdungeon crash FIXED!
  • Fixed a crash in Experience Starter Puzzle when casting IMAWALL on a blank space.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when seeing custom enemy portraits with monster Classes.
  • New subdungeon.