Cautiously Optimistic

“The rainbow signifies telecommunication; ┬áthe fences, our dependence on it”

Our artist says weird stuff sometimes


If you’re one of those unfortunate souls being plagued by sporadic texture issues and content load errors, we may or may not have a tangible improvement for you this week!

Long story short: if you fire up the game now, we’re hoping that those problems go bye-bye. And if it seems that they have indeed gone bye-bye, let us know on the ever-helpful Unity errors thread so that we can pat ourselves on the back and feel good about the fixing of a long-term problem.

Of course, if problems persist, we’d still like you to let us know about it on the ever-helpful Unity errors thread so that we can start braining in a different direction.

The solution that we’ve attempted is an interim workaround: you may notice the game slowing down slightly in a few areas, but if it turns out to have some sort of positive impact (ie. not crashing and whiting out and invoking horrible demons), we’ll work on a more elegant code integration on the code side in the coming weeks. Here’s holding thumbs!

A cursory changelog follows. That’s not the important stuff this week. What’s important is the hope that your game experience has switched from non-existent to fully possible. Give us feedback on the errors, or hopeful lack thereof!


  • Game text changes
  • Behind-the-scenes damage pipeline changes
  • Strings should no longer potentially claim a gigabyte of memory