Burnt Toast


This week, we’ve put a fair bit of art oomph behind more of the Kingdom graphics. Aside from completing the building sprites (woohoo!), we’ve also revised the quest toast system as shown above. Instead of disjoint boxes and confusing scroll rules, you’ll enjoy a neatly presented banner announcement with all relevant completion info and delightful colours in just the right places. Because you’re worth it.

This week also sees the introduction of yet another dungeon control scheme: if you’re interested in trying it out, switch to the Classic combat scheme via the in-game menu and right click on any accessible enemy for a persistent interaction panel. You’ll be able to wander around, whack other monsters and do dungeoneering stuff freely while keeping that tab handy. Fiddle about, let us know how this compares to the other stuff and report bugs wherever you can – because we’re sure there’s tons of ‘em.

Though this has been true of the past few weeks, we’ll mention again that this is a big interface and graphical update. Check the changelog below for details, and enjoy this update’s new eye candy!


  • Separated and rewrote quest and income systems. This should fix bugs with gaining gold.
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading a building could grey-out all buildings on screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the sorted race/class list could fail to grey out specific classes for the active quest.
  • Fixed a crash bug when mousing over quest button in Adventuring Permit.
  • Glyph cast previews now show health gain with Sorcerer’s Essense Transit trait.
  • Converting max health items while overhealed will now keep the player overhealed.
  • Fixed incorrect text in race buildings.
  • Moved loading panel creation to earlier, should stop kingdom flash that can sometimes occur when loading.
  • Added new threat icon art.
  • Added new toast art.
  • Monsters blinking / petrifying should now exit combat menu properly
  • Removed venom dagger from Assassin Gold
  • Revised math for position in Popup Selection mode
  • Enemy spawning algorithm tweaked for earlier dungeons and Labyrinth
  • Monsters can now be persistently selected with right-click in Classic Selection mode