Bug Stomper

We generally like keeping a certain theme around every beta update post, but this week’s fixes are scattered about like breadcrumbs over a kitchen counter. A randomly-generated, puzzle style kitchen counter. It’s difficult to say what the big news is this time around.

So, we guess this post is here to announce that we made a whole bunch of little fixes this time around. Some of them are related to balance, some of them are related to crashes and one of them is an alleviation of loading times for older profiles (yay!).

Other highlights include a Witch preparation nerf, increased returns on the Vicious token, a bug fix which rebuffs the burning / corrosion combo and an attempt to make maze-style generators slightly more friendly (while the Shifting Passages become slightly more sinister).

This week’s image is a concept of the puzzle restart token, as well as the Frost Root that the Witch asks you to hunt down when you first meet her. We were kinda tired of seeing dragon scales everywhere. We’ll have it in-game soon, followed by a bunch of other cool Witch-related graphics. Changelog follows:


  • Removed extra subdungeon from Venture Cave.
  • Made Crystal Ball still have flavor text after being translocated.
  • Added random rubble statues for petrification of enemies that don’t have custom statues.
  • Added warnings for out of level movement attempts, protected against more crashes.
  • Fixed explorers guild lockout bug.
  • Fixed save game bug that was causing crashes in adventurers guild and bazaar.
  • Made save files more efficient. This should reduce loading times on older profiles.
  • Took vicious badge out of PQI badge pool.
  • Raised reward on vicious token use to 300 gold, and vicious badge rewards 200 gold per first acquisition.
  • Lowered enemy attack while using vicious token.
  • Fixed a bug where burning was only conferring 1 extra damage no matter how high the stack.
  • Quests can now force specific genders so pronouns can now be matched by portraits.
  • Fixed confirmation panel when restarting from score screen.
  • Fixed a bug where purchasing a veto slot would cost more than advertised.
  • Dairy Diary sprite fixed.
  • Witch now only awards three potions maximum.
  • Smacklefunky charge lowered.
  • Labyrinth generation is slightly more merciful.
  • Shifting passages now close in on player location.
  • Cha’Dylan set piece changed.
  • Incorrectly triggered boss messages on teleport puzzles (and situations such as Namtar Form 2) removed.
  • Tweaked “Positioning” puzzle.
  • “Baptism by potion” adjusted for new Absolution cost
  • Slayer Wand no longer breaks Fighter Gold.
  • Thief Bronze GETINDARE now has a proper keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed bug where boss kill percentage could be saved as higher than 100%.
  • Stheno has an alternative message when all enemies are cleared before attacking her.