Beta update: Trouble in the Old West

The tireless Guild of Exploration continues to astonish us with what it discovers inside the ancient Western forest. Apparently, our Kingdom’s dragonspawn problem has been caused by the awakening of the world’s last true dragon, a mighty beast living inside a long-forgotten archipelago beyond druid territory. Scribes say that these creatures were hunted to the point of extinction centuries ago, so any hopes of this one being open to a friendly chat are actually quite slim.

Scouts also report that goblin industrialists have recovered from the recent Sludge Mine catastrophe to begin work on harvesting magma instead — their efforts have uncovered several mysterious metalwork altars deep underground, though the purpose of these structures remains unknown.

Finally, negotiations with the newly-discovered Jötunncarve berserkers in the east have reached an uneasy stalemate — when asked about the prospect of trade, their leader allegedly tore off one of our emissary’s arms and ate it. We’re not sure what impact this will have on diplomacy, but prospects aren’t good.

A full changelist follows, dealing with some game save issues, item balance and a whole bunch of cool new content:


  • Save games are now zipped to reduce upload size when saving.
  • Option added to load different profile when out of order saving is detected.
  • Initial save removed. Game now only saves when changes are made.
  • New quest conditions added.
  • Cave tileset added.
  • “Quit” menu option replaced with “Logout”, which logs the player out.
  • Fixed a bug where Vince’s Vault, The BAAdlands, and Thousand Cuts only spawned Fireball Glyphs.
  • Barbing Bushes no longer have magic resistance
  • Quest requirements involving multiple race/class completions fixed
  • Martyr Wraps only apply three corrosion layers when equipped
  • Witch tonics affect corrosion and weakening
  • All monster trophies made magical and physical.
  • Shop spawning and item values rebalanced
  • Black Market preparation now adds +1 gold per pile instead of double
  • New god, dungeons and quests