Beta update: Soko and Crime

Greetings, Kingdom Administrator! As our forces continue scouring the southern swamplands for signs of the naga lord known as Kinisssch Ahau, a few minor matters are drawing our attention a bit closer to home.

Aside from the relentless petitioning of the ever-whiny guild of Transmuters (forever pleading that they can, in fact, be useful and interesting additions to the Kingdom), our explorers have uncovered the antics of a local monster tribe known as the Soko Trolls. Their society operates in a most interesting and unusual manner, making them perfect candidates for study by Kingdom scholars if not for the fact that they regularly kidnap and eat our citizens. A few of our more analytical heroes are being sent in to deal with this mess.

The resident Witch is also babbling about some of our Kingdom’s representatives travelling to a legendary realm known as Lossus Angelus or something of the sort. Nobody has a clue what she’s talking about.

This week’s been rather slow on updates, what with the recent exciting IndieCade news and preparations. But hey, new puzzle pack! We’ve really been meaning to get around to those, so we cobbled one together for an otherwise quiet week. And if you want to check the full version of the cool DD fanart on this post, have a lookie here. Itty bitty changelog follows:


  • Ying Yang Subdungeon no longer locks you in if you’ve killed the twins
  • Ying Yang warning replaced “Faulter” with “Falter”
  • Berserker effect now correctly updates damage display when player heals
  • Enemy retreats more logically in some situations
  • Killing enemies with the “Revives” effect using knockback no longer leaves unkillable ghosts
  • Transmuter rebalanced. Again. Third time lucky.
  • New puzzle pack