Beta update: Kingdom renovation crew

Rapid expansion of the Kingdom has become a little problematic recently, so the board of People Who Care About Boring Economic Stuff has decided to divert expedition funding to some domestic maintenance matters. Our realm’s wizards are ironing out a few magical kinks here and there, priests are worshipping more fervently (to which the gods are slowly, grudgingly responding) and several core Kingdom services have been changed or upgraded for the convenience of all adventurers.

The most notable new venture is the Locker Reclamation Corps, a group of sneaky and resourceful civil servants who scour dungeons for the unfortunate remains of past adventurers, salvaging what they can for the Adventurer’s Guild. Word has it that they’re incredibly efficient on the job, but their fees are still quite steep. Of course, veterans seem more than willing to pay for the service, generally regarding it as “a damn sight better than dungeon farming”.

Our all-important PSA regarding the extreme danger of goats (and the correct attitude to adopt around them) is delivered courtesy of ervler. He knows who he is and what he’s done … we’re watching you, ervler. Oh, and changelog follows!

Current Fixes:

  • Rock heart no longer duplicated on final Transmuter quest completion.
  • Profile list shows 7 profiles at a time, instead of 6 (no more blank space)
  • Scouted Altars show generic Altar graphic
  • Scouted Shops show generic Shop graphic
  • Transmuter class traits / combos de-exaggerated
  • Quicksilver potions grant dodge prediction
  • Smuggler’s Den made smaller
  • Poison changed to a level relative effect. Enemies will regen level difference per revealed tile
  • Poison description on enemies indicates the amount of regen an enemy gains per revealed tile
  • APHEELSIK casting cost reduced to 7 mana.
  • Insurance prep replaced by Patches the Teddy
  • Treasure Chest prep reworked
  • Boss Scout prep replaced by Heretic
  • Several god punishments rebalanced
  • Locker items can be reclaimed for a fee
  • Locker items are prone to loss in several more situations
  • Fireheart stack limit raised to enemy level x3
  • All glyph casts now reset combat prediction
  • LEMMISI now only gives regeneration for tiles that it reveals
  • Stone Heart effect is now removed when it leaves the inventory
  • If enough walls appear in a level after Binlor initially refuses a boon, the boon will re-enable correctly
  • Binlor’s Wall Wipe changed to something more useful