Beta update: Die, snakes, die!

Descending into a deadly hole in the ground is dangerous enough even with all of the right equipment, but a few dodgy merchants here and there can really make an adventurer’s life absolutely miserable.

In response to recent news of fake Viper Wards and Soul Orbs flooding the market, the Kingdom has clamped down on these shoddy imitations and now supplies heroes with the real stuff from a far more trusted source … we hope.

The gods are also being rather jittery at the moment: Dracul’s arrival has shaken up the general worship dynamic of the realm quite a bit, and the already unpopular Tikki Tooki is feeling it more than the others. Word has it that he’s anxiously promising bold new benefits to any hero who agrees to worship him instead of just smashing up his altar like everybody else does.

The full changelist follows and addresses some crash issues, a bunch of weird Bloodmage things and those greatly exasperating immunity problems:

Current Fixes:

  • Un-broke petrify + experience prediction
  • Glowing Guardian no longer Cleanses slowstrike
  • Warlock/wraith boss names restored
  • Taurog / Dracul on-worship piety fixed
  • Dracul’s Blood Curse boon is now single-use
  • “Cheeky” dungeon award fixed
  • Bloodmages are thirsty again
  • Fixed no-experience enemies having experience prediction
  • Prevented player deaths averted by death protection incorrectly preventing certain quests from being completed correctly
  • Quicksilver potions now go up by 10% instead of 5% each hit
  • Mana shield now behaves more like other magical attacks
  • “Ghosting” issues with Cowardly enemies resolved. Finally. Maybe.
  • Simulated events are no longer stored in the event queue (this was the root cause of the Taurog/Dracul piety problem, that’s doubly-fixed now)
  • Plant overspawning should no longer crash the game.
  • Taxidermist no longer crashes when non-trophy bosses are in existence
  • Heal no longer castable when player is full health + poison free
  • Mystera now rewards total mana spending instead of individual spells
  • Tikki Tooki’s boons are 20% cooler
  • Locker items hue shift properly
  • Poison/manaburn immunities should now work properly
  • Kingdom gold resets to zero if it somehow falls into negatives