Beta Update: an open letter to the Kingdom

To the warm-blooded cowards of the “Heroic Kingdom”:

Know that the great and noble Naga Empire has grown tired of your insolence and your encroachment upon its northern provinces. You have the gall to establish a civilisation right at our border while offering neither tribute nor fealty to the glorious Enlightened Emperor. Who gave you permission to settle anywhere? Certainly not us.

I, Kinisssch Ahau, Sun-Touched Prince of the Naga Empire, have taken it upon myself to end you all and expose your “Kingdom” for the disgrace which it is. As I write this, our slaving crews are moving effortlessly through your border towns and several of our roving war parties have issued challenges to your so-called heroes. If they’re not too jelly-legged to accept, they’ll know where to go.

To express the gravity of my statement, I have sent this message along with the head of one of your precious “level 10 berserkers”. Investigate the accompanying cloth sack for more details.

I await your realm’s champions in the South. But do you have the courage to send them?

Kinisssch Ahau


Today’s update includes a long-awaited Southern Swamp content patch, a few pretty interface and combat prediction improvements, and the usual complement of tweaks and bugfixes:

Current Fixes:

  • Added markers to health and mana bars. Shows repeated action costs.
  • APHEELSIK cost reduced to 5 mana.
  • Added health fall off animation when health bars are reduced
  • Added mana burn off animation when mana bar is reduced
  • ENDISWALL can no longer be cast on walls that are out of reach
  • Ying Yang subdungeon spawn abuse fixed
  • Inventory Items swappable
  • Added health and mana regen previews to potion use.