Behind the scenes

It’s another week of us beavering away on unseen things, with a few cursory tweaks thrown at the front end to help everyone realise that we haven’t died / evaporated / been eaten by goats.

That said, a couple of things will actually be affecting players starting this week, even if the results can’t be observed quite yet:

– Entries for the new Codex will start being populated. As it stands, we don’t yet have a Codex that can actually be viewed by players (uh …) but as of now, certain game events will be marked with Codex entry flags, meaning that when this book o’ wisdom finally can be seen, it’ll have all the stuff you’ve already unlocked. This goes for unlocking gods, visiting bosses, witnessing effects and all that other stuff.

– Crash reports are now tracked and stored on our server! If your game goes “whoops” and dies, we’ll be slightly more ready with the bug response (these Gaan-Telet restart reports have been murdering us this week). Technically, this means that you don’t strictly have to report your bugs on the semi-official thread anymore, but it still comes highly recommended (especially since screencaps are probably the single most helpful diagnostic tool in existence, bar none).

– We’ve fixed some issues with saving and loading to combat the occasional reports of progress lost in the Kingdom. We’ve also adjusted some slightly more core DD code to make sure that “leaks” of event data across the board are … well, less likely. Hopefully.

Blog image this time around comes from our in-house artist’s work environment (click for full size if you feel like it). She reports having to turn her Photoshop environment into some kind of Frankensteinian horror to deal with our layer-editing demands on the newer-and-prettier Kingdom screen. And now — quick changelog? Yep, quick changelog:


  • Item explanation added to small item tooltips.
  • Pactmaker’s Body Pact no longer triggers on no-exp enemies.
  • New subdungeon
  • Pepper the dog is now manually activated.
  • Changed the way saving/loading do their web requests to prevent ISP caching.
  • Fixed an bug where walls could cover enemies in Cursed Oasis.
  • Fixed a bug where Jehora would grant piety for enemies in the wrong plane in Cursed Oasis.
  • Prevented possible junk event carryover when switching scenes.
  • Added more error logging.
  • CTRL key now acts as shortcut to current god altar (only if an altar is reachable).