Bead Enthusiast

After careful consideration of recent divine policy and income reports from the local arts and crafts guild, the Glowing Guardian has decided to weigh his followers down with an oppressive number of devotional prayer beads instead of an oppressive number of moral edicts. Followers may, for once, behave slightly more freely under their divine lord’s guidance — as long as they leave enough room open in their adventuring backpacks.

Some adventurers have also been returning rather irately from failed dungeons runs as of late, complaining about sub-par shopping opportunities and “useless crap muddying up the item pool”. Bezar has taken note of these complaints, and will be offering a limited veto system from now on — though it should be noted that this offer will only be made open to the most worthy adventuring crews (in short: hey, good luck with those Gold class challenges!).

For those who want a slightly more exotic challenge here and there, the groundworks are in place for more random dungeon encounters and bounty requests — we hope to see more elven berserkers and halfling wizards doing the rounds in a couple of weeks, though for now the new initiative is still limited to random drafting.

Enjoy this week’s update! There’s a few more buffs, nerfs and balance adjustments in the changelog below — hopefully some of them will present some fun new playing options:


  • Added veto slots to bazaar. Unlocked by defeating gold challenges
  • Added random run button.
  • Rock Heart now only triggers once per wall batch
  • Glowing Guardian adjusted: less piety strictness, item-oriented boons
  • Dracul lifesteal is cheaper
  • One or two minor typos fixed
  • Crusader momentum adjusted
  • Namtar / Naga City boss fights adjusted
  • Tikki Tooki unlock subdungeon changed
  • Goblins now show experience gained when previewing conversion