Army of Heroes

blogArmyGood news! We’ve made some sweeping, game-wide tweaks this week and players of all levels and Kingdom progressions should see some improvement in today’s update.

The new animation system is gaining momentum and we’ve been focusing on making everyday dungeon interactions like fighting, killing and piety gain that much more visceral and satisfying. It takes time, but the effort has been well worth it so far.

The general dialogue went through a considerable overhaul. Most of it is subtle reorganisation and condensation. Portraits, icons and character sprites have been corrected and updated. A few more advanced tutorials have been put into place. Lore and codex adjustments have been made. Et cetera et cetera. These past few days have really been an eye-opener regarding just how much text exists throughout the game.

(Oh, and female characters finally have their own name lists populated!)

We’ve also done our best to improve information flow, particularly with player gold. Two important changes in this regard are the new once-off advisor tutorial replacing the annoying gold cap popup in the Kingdom, and the ability to preview monster trophy values in-dungeon.

Finally, for those of you plugging through the Special Edition campaign: yep, slightly easier again. Particularly the third one. Maybe. Though we don’t know whether or not we went overboard in throwing an entire Kingdom’s worth of heroes at those final dungeons to help you along …

The changes this week are subtle. Profound. Powerful. Occasionally generous. Now would be a pretty decent time to fire up a new profile and test out Kingdom progression if you want to look at how much better it’s doing nowadays. Just saying. Otherwise, changelog follows:


  • Pacifism icon used for text toasts. Early rewards toasts subsumed into quest/puzzle toasts.
  • Prestige effect added.
  • Fireball poison sound problem fixed.
  • Added gold value to trophy panel for known trophies.
  • Replaced recurring gold cap message with one-time advisor tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where the first 3 kingdom dungeons’ flags were still visible.
  • Fixed bug that caused first frame of animations to appear for shorter periods than other frames.
  • Added attack animations for first strike and slow strike.
  • Prevented piety stat update spam.
  • Multiple corrosion and level up animations no longer stack per frame.
  • Stat pop effects no longer interrupt stacks of effects set up in the previous frame.
  • Some missing Codex entries filled
  • Blood effects in Goat Glade 3-1 never kill you outright
  • Fixed erroneous appearance of Guild Expansion quest in more progressed games
  • Unscripted deaths in basic tutorials are now impossible
  • Monster-class unlock quests now show their reward
  • Female hero names (finally) populated. No more Boris
  • Players are allowed to cheat Tikki Tooki’s trial
  • Game-wide text adjustments — colour swaps for legibility in individual cases, several dynamic text resize implementations
  • orphaned / missing text has been cut / added
  • Character dialogue adjusted for brevity or clarity where needed
  • Portraits added to mission briefs which concern the Witch or Bazaar Demon
  • Outdated subdungeons adjusted and fixed
  • Adjustments made to Goat Glade quests 2-3 and 3-3