Arise From Death

blogImage-2013-04-14GDC is behind us for another year – and so are the long flights, communication delays and jet lag. Our normal update / work schedule resumes next week, but we’ve thrown together a couple of things for the front end that you’ll appreciate, including an all-new set of Crusader challenges featuring the all-new Ratling opponents featuring an all-new story told across several paragraphs of all-new epic writing.

All new!

So this is us getting into gear again. You can expect a full update next week with the regular dose of beta adjustments, poorly-constructed witticisms and life-changing work. Cheers for now!

Our artist is hard at work right now making effects sheet adjustments and fancy new icons for a lot of everyday stuff (half of the ability roster seems to be represented by a pool of blood right now. Seriously). Minor changelog follows, but we’ll actually have more tweaks next week:


  • Purchasing building preps no longer makes buildings unclickable.
  • Nope, Dracul should definitely hate you for killing Revenants, GG doesn’t really care.
  • Crusader challenges unlocked
  • Witch hut title text fixed
  • Made save file clearing more robust, should prevent losing of locker items.
  • Items during prep are now in the same order as items in buildings.