Another early one!

Bonus points if this looks familiar to you.

Down in South Africa, the public holidays tend to fly thick and fast around this time of year. Yet another 4-day work week has wrapped up at the QCF office and this means yet another Thursday update for people who like getting their DD fix a bit earlier than usual.

We’ve nearly finished the standard class challenges, and although we’ve still got to get around to adjusting most of the older ones, we’ve introduced a few ideas in this week’s batch for people to chew on (the broken Paladin challenge tree has been similarly tweaked, since it didn’t really count before now).

Those who like wearing protective suits of metal will be glad to hear that two new toys exist for them to play about with (well, one of them is just making a return with an adjustment). There’s also been some changes to the Wizard’s Tower, a more practical item conversion opportunity for Taurog worshippers and some other items buffs / nerfs where we thought they were needed.

Enjoy the early update! It’s a short week, but we reckon we pulled in a fair amount of content this time around. Changelog follows:


    • WHUPAZ set to 75%
    • Booster swap preparations now 1-for-1
    • Orc conversion threshold lowered to 100
    • New Wizard Tower prep
    • Bear Mace improved to 25% knockback
    • Alchemist scroll now yields 8 health per use
    • Greenblood cost increases at same rate as vineform
    • Corrosion correctly triggers after damage reduction
    • Taurog equipment conversion punishment lessened
    • Mage Plate adjusted and re-unlockable
    • Platemail added
    • Smuggler’s Den on Assassin Gold should be fixed
    • Alch Scroll / Trisword minimum gold exploit fixed. (Buff goes to whichever item was in inventory first)
    • Failed shop summons won’t crash the game
    • Puzzles won’t drain Kingdom gold
    • Beam of light from boss kills set at correct height, should no longer show up above menus or in subdungeons.
    • Menus brought forward to stop interface elements from being above them.
    • Paladin challenge tree unbroken
    • Fighter, Rogue, Wizard challenge trees added