So this week, we debuffed a particular Sorcerer combo. Some of you already know what it’s about and unfortunately we could not let this riot continue unimpeded. Sorry, folks!

In compensation for hitting this class with a rather specific nerf stick (affecting what has been an undoubtedly cool general-purpose combo), we make the humble peace offering of a slightly buffed Wizard. Lose some, win some.

A few other nice things this update include a free ticket to romp through Gaan-Telet’s Hard mode after the first win, a minor CP improvement to the Balanced Dagger and one small IMAWAL buff. Interface and information systems have also been tightened in lots of little places, and we’ve already got some code in place for the brand-new Desktop Dungeon Codex. Hooray!

We did a fairly decent bug run this week, thanks to everyone for the reliable posting! Remember that we regularly check on the semi-official bug thread in the forums, though e-mailed reports are welcome too. Changelog follows:


  • Speech bubble graphics replaced.
  • Sorcerers now slightly allergic to Bludtopowa.
  • Wizards increase BURNDAYRAZ stacks more quickly.
  • “Max” burn indicator now shows.
  • IMAWALL removes 1 layer of curse when targeting xp-valuable enemies.
  • IMAWALL drops 1 gold under pertified xp-valuable enemies.
  • BLUDTUPOWA given a health spent display instead of a 0 mana display.
  • Glyph cost and symbol switched to make for easier reading.
  • Balanced Dagger cost and CP increased.
  • Puzzle completion now conforms to the Kingdom toast system.
  • Helpful message for players earning quest items before Bazaar is available.
  • Removed degenerate solution to Gnome Puzzle 3.
  • Vicious Horatio now goes berserk.
  • Tweaked some text related to Witch and Horatio.
  • GG Enlightenment no longer crashes when player is cursed.
  • Decreased max width of enemy trophy titles, they should now go to the next line.
  • Gaan-Telet (Hard) now features a freestyle replayable mode.
  • Requirements for Gaan-Telet entry made slightly clearer.
  • Bonus XP is now calculated correctly on the score screen.
  • Gaan-Telet no longer rolls into PQI.
  • WONAFYT summon irregularities should be fixed.
  • Nearby Dungeon / Quest buttons should behave normally now.
  • Reworded Orb description in Paladin Bronze.
  • Class / race buttons should no longer highlight incorrectly on mouseover.
  • Fixed some Monk challenge typos.
  • Thief Bronze doesn’t complain about hits after a successful dodge.
  • Superfluous death protection no longer added on player puzzle victory.
  • Crusader only unlocks once Pactmaker is available.
  • Fixed “ghosting” issue when a revivable enemy is killed in an off-screen dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where quests with no class restrictions could grey out certain classes.